Blizzard 2 FR 1/12 Tracked Vehicle Electric


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Mighty belt-tracked vehicle powers over sand, dirt and snow!
User-friendly Readyset with 2.4GHz R/C system also provides blade arm control!

Powered by two independent side-by-side motors, the transmission in the Blizzard 2.0 Readyset delivers awesome power and free control so you can enjoy dominance over any terrain like only a true belted vehicle can deliver. With a suspension system equipped on all wheels, the Blizzard clears every challenge in its path including rocky obstacles, steep hill climbs and gravel or sand that would trap a machine with normal tires. Twin 370 motors and twin ESCs deliver forward, reverse, left/right turning and pivot (turns on the spot) .
In addition, control of the blade arm with the transmitter adds another fascinating aspect to the Blizzard. For great fun in the sand or snow, the Blizzard can
match your outdoor lifestyle and go wherever you want to go.

Scale realistic body combines a wide cabin design with red body color and detailed components such as mirrors, air intake bulges and rotating light.

ESC for the motor control is compatible with NiMH and NiCd batteries as well as the higher power output of LiPo batteries.

Includes 2.4GHz KT-431S 4-channel stick transmitter and 6-channel KR-632 receiver. Also equipped with high-torque KS4031-06W servo for the dozer blade.

The radio box has more than enough room to fit both receiver and speed controller. The design even allows the large capacity KA060-91W (No.82245)waterproof speed controller to be installed.

Motor connectors feature highly flexible bullet terminals. Locker type main switch allows smooth ON-OFF function.

Power supply harness between the battery and speed controller uses a high-efficiency 2P Super Plug connection. It can also be easily converted for a standard speed controller.

Includes KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 2200mAh NiMH battery and USB charger that is compatible with NiMH/NiCd batteries. Battery connector is 2P Super Plug.

Optional ‘Heavy Metal Caterpillar’ tracks (BLW2B) increase weight and scale feel. The tracks incorporate rubber to minimize loss and deliver smooth movement.

Roller can also be operated with the motor using optional Rear Tiller Unit Set (BLW3). The unit can be operated separately using the 4th channel on the transmitter.



â– Length 365mm
â– Width 320mm
â– Height 220mm
â– Motor 370 type x 2
â– ESC KA-1571 ESC unit (S plug) ×2
â– KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE NiMH 2200 battery
â– R/C System 2.4GHz 3-ch 1-servo

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