Lego Nexo Axls Rolling Arsenal


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Get ready for a heavy-duty LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS battle with Axle's Rolling Arsenal, featuring hidden flick missiles and opening drawbridge. Pitch the Destroyer with its dual 6-stud rapid shooters against the Vero Glider. Lock up the critters in the Critter Trapper's storage chest and save Knight on from the tech infection. This popular kids toy includes 4 and 3 scan able shields.  

  • Includes 4 : Axle, Jester, (No Suggestions) No. 407 and a Megabyte
  • Axle's Rolling Arsenal features a lowering drawbridge, cockpit, 2 flick missiles and a shield holder, plus the Critter Trapper mini-tank with a storage chest and shield holder
  • Destroyer features a cockpit, 2 movable wings mounted with 6-stud rapid shooters and 2 detachable daggers
  • 7 Merlo Powers to collect to stop Moonstruck and his army from spreading their digital infection across Knight on
  • Axle's Rolling Arsenal measures over 5" (13cm) high, 5" (15cm) long and 8" (22cm) wide, and over 9" (23cm) wide and 7" (19cm) long in attack mode

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