Sensei FS Trainer WISE RTR


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The Sensei FS electric trainer takes learning to fly to new levels of ease and excitement. The innovative WISE 3-axis stabilization system is just like having a flight instructor standing right next to you, ready to instantly take over if you lose control. A powerful brushless motor delivers the performance necessary for sport aerobatics as your skills improve, and the "drop-door" feature lets you deliver a "payload" of your choosing!

WISE Flight Stabilization

  • Lets you focus on flying, without worrying about crashing

  • Helps your aircraft maintain a safe flying attitude

  • Can be adapted to fit your skill/experience level

Learn all about the extraordinary WISE 3-axis stabilization system at:


SelectScale RTF
The Sensei FS is ready when you are!



The included Tactic TTX610 6-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio features:

  • Dependable 2.4GHz technology

  • Buddy-box with wired and wireless capability

  • Digital trims

  • Built-in charge jack

  • An ergonomic case for handling comfort and fatigue-free flying

  • An SLT receiver that automatically creates a strong, secure link with your transmitter

Other RTF features:

  • AeroCellâ„¢ foam airframe with molded-in detail and pre-applied trim scheme

  • WISE 3-axis flight stabilization system

  • Simple, screw-together assembly — no gluing required

  • Factory-installed motor, ESC & servos

  • Factory-installed SLT receiver

  • Rechargeable, high-output 3S 2100mAh LiPo flight battery

  • Steerable nose gear

  • AC/DC LiPo balancing charger

  • (4) "AA" batteries

FLZA3030 - RTF
Wingspan: 58 in (1475 mm)
Weight: 3.2 lbs (1450 g)
Length: 48 in (1220 mm)
Requires: nothing!

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