Micro Battle Drone Set RTF

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    This is the Ready to Fly 2.4GHz Radio Controlled                 
                    Micro Battle Drone Set from RC Fun.                       
FEATURES: Unique infrared (IR) battle system that allows inflight combat,     
            striking the opponent's drone with the IR beam causes "damage"    
            which makes the drone temporarily wobble and LED's to flash.      
            After three hits, it automatically spirals the drone to the ground
            where the drone can be reset to fly again.                        
          Auto take-off and land                                              
          Auto hover function                                                 
          360° flips with the touch of a button                               
          Three flight modes                                                  
          On board LED lights                                                 
          Game controller type 2.4GHz transmitters                            
          3.7V 220mAh LiPo batteries and USB chargers                         
          Compact modular carrying case                                       
INCLUDES: Two Drones                                                          
          Two 2.4GHz Controllers                                              
          Extra set of Propellers for each Drone (RFNE0101 & RFNE0102)        
          Two 3.7V 220mAh LiPo Batteries                                      
          Two USB Chargers                                                    
          Carrying Case                                                       
SPECS:    Diagonal Measurement: 2.56" (65mm)