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FEATURES: Chassis:                                                            
            with integrated upper and lower aluminum braces for greater       
            multiple upper link positions to adjust anti-squat                
          Drive: Four wheel shaft, AR60XL solid rear axle, WB XL CVJ rear     
            driveshaft with captured cross pin design-no set screws to lose   
          Brushless Motor: Castle Creations 2200kV, 4-pole                    
          Receiver Box: Waterproof, integrated into bottom of chassis         
          Battery Trays: Two                                                  
          Radio: 2-channel AX-3 2.4GHz pistol grip with trims dials and servo 
            reverse switches, 3-channel receiver                              
          Steering Servo: Tactic TSX45 metal gear, high-torque, water resistant
          Electronic Speed Control: Vanguard AE-4 XL 6S/4S LiPo compatible    
            can be programmed manually via Castle Field Programming Card or the
             or through the Castle Link software interface (optional)         
          Shocks: Oil-filled 16mm Big Bore, 20mm aluminum bodies, 4mm shafts  
          Transmission: All metal gears, single speed, optional two-speed     
            transmission component sold separately                            
          Differentials: CNC cut metal gears                                  
          Steering: Dual shear rack                                           
          Suspension: Front, independent, rear 4-link                         
          Wheels: Officially licensed Raceline Monster wheels, 3.8" (96mm)    
          Tires: BF Goodrich Krawler T/A KX 2.9 x 7.25" (74 x 184mm)          
          Body: Trimmed and painted                                           
            polycarbonate interior tray with molded driver figures and        
INCLUDES: RTR Yeti XL Monster Buggy with Radio System, ESC, Motor, Body,      
            Instruction Manual                                                
REQUIRES: Batteries: Two 2S or 3S LiPo Packs with Dean's Ultra connector, 25C 
            minimum rating                                                    
          Battery Charger: To match selected batteries                        
          AA Batteries:                                                       
          LiPo charge bag, maintenance and trail equipment                    
SPECS:      Vehicle;                                                          
          Length: 25.75" (654mm)                                              
          Width: 16.3" (414mm)                                                
          Height: 11.10" (282mm)                                              
          Wheelbase: 18.5" (470mm)                                            
          Ground Clearance: 2.48" (63mm)                                      
          Weight: 12.75" (5.78kg)                                             
            Battery Tray Dimensions;                                          
          Length: 6.89in(175mm)                                               
          Height: 1.3in (33mm)                                                
          Width: 1.7in (43mm)