Bondene Cement 2floz


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This is Bondene Plastic Solvent Cement.

  • Evaporative Formula
  • Bonds Styrene to Styrene and ABS to ABS
  • Brush mounted in Cap
  • Holds by Dissolving a thin layer of plastic and reforming them
  • together

One 2 fl oz bottle of Plastics Solvent Cement
One Brush in Cap


For best results, hold parts firmly together. Apply cement sparingly
to the joint. Hold 5-10 seconds. Allow 30 minutes to cure.
WARNING: Do not take internally. Avoid eye contact and prolonged breathing
of vapors. Use in a well ventillated area.
If Swallowed, phone physician, local emergency hospital or poison
center. Contains Dichloromethane.
In case of Eye Contact, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes.
May cause nausea. Avoid repeated contact with skin, and wash skin
well after use.
Keep Away From Small Children

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