Vasa 1626 Swedish Warship 1/65

Vasa 1626 Swedish Warship 1/65



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Vasa 1626 Swedish Warship 1/65

Brand: Latina
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 The ship modeling kit of the Swedish boat Vasa 1/65 contains one of the most detailed replicas of the history on the market, especially thanks to the large number of carvings carved on its stern, not forgetting some in the bow. Of course, the Vasa ship model includes a large set of decoration pieces in die-cast and photogravure, which gives the ship a spectacular beauty.

The expert modeler, to whom this scale model is aimed, will also find premium quality wood parts, hand-sewn sails ready to be placed and ... Two bonus included as a gift! A base in wood with a nominative metal plate and six figurines that will give this naval jewel even more realism.

Once the model is built, it has the following dimensions: Length 42’’ x Height 34’’ x Width 15’’. It brings a DVD with clarifying step-by-step photographic instructions in nine different languages, facilitating its assembly.